Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Our Success Stories

Embark on a journey through our success stories and explore how Polyrific leverages AI and technological innovation to solve complex industry challenges, delivering streamlined solutions and measurable results worldwide. What challenges can we solve for you?

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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Our Success Stories

Dive deeper into our repository of case studies showcasing Polyrific’s expertise across various industries. Each story highlights our approach to identifying problems, crafting innovative solutions, and achieving remarkable results that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. From revolutionizing data analytics in the media and entertainment industry to automating data processes in oil and gas, our solutions are designed to elevate business operations and drive growth. Here’s how we make it happen:


Industry: Media & Entertainment


As a result of the Polyrific AI readiness assessment, Polyrific identified that the analytics our client relied on for profitability and forecasting were too segmented and independent. This became an immediate AI solution pursuit for our client.


Polyrific utilized AI tools to create a centralized and formalized analytics dashboard pulling in all the necessary metrics to yield automated and live reporting. Additionally, Polyrific implemented and trained a language model in which our client can interact with to query ad hoc data, as well as interrogate their data for further insights and/or comparison.


This process allowed users to save valuable time where instead of hunting down the right data they needed to use or verify, it could be queried and relayed to them nearly instantaneously. Combining this with the dashboard to aggregate their necessary metrics meant that no piece of data was ever too far, freeing up several analysts from tedious, monotonous tasks.


Industry: Oil & Gas


Upon completion of the AIRA, Polyrific suggested a need to develop and implement a sophisticated and automated data solution that would yield higher efficiencies and reliabilities across our client’s organization.


Polyrific architected a robust data ingestion, data cleansing, data mapping, data warehousing, and data output repository for our client. Within this framework, Polyrific engineered and trained a language model to analyze both structured and unstructured data. The language model would then organize the necessary data points into various weekly reports previously compiled by data analysts.


This freed up several analysts from the daily task of manually reviewing and computing hundreds of PDFs allowing them to focus their efforts on analytical and efficiency strategy. This LLM also reduced the risk of manual human-entry error for the organization.


Industry: Insurance


Upon the completion of the AI readiness assessment, our client concluded that they had enough data to effectively set internal controls and KPIs to monitor not only customer policy benchmarks, but internal personnel efficiencies. They requested the use of a language model to comb through all their historical data and propose these benchmarks.


Polyrific trained a language model to effectively help our client set and govern internal and external KPIs to help boost their internal team’s efficiencies and productivity, as well as help look for revenue generation and upsell opportunities.


The use of the monitored KPI’s increased efficiencies in the client’s userbase by up to 40%, doing so with the ability to more easily generate revenue and leads by utilizing statistics that quickly and succinctly summarized the research previously done by hand combing through records. Going forward, record keeping and data management of the relevant data was also made much simpler with the use of the large language model vs. the previously manual process.


Industry: Oil and Gas


When migrating ERP’s, the client found there were issues that needed to be reconciled in their new data, as well as with the data all stored in Excel that was running the engine of their business. Decades of data was either still living in Excel, or moving from one ERP to the other, and Polyrific was able to facilitate that change.


Polyrific created a native web application that could accommodate all the manual processes such as calculations and pricing that was done previously using Excel workbooks and the previous ERP for reference. A relationship between the new ERP, the app, and a custom constructed backend database allowed for the entirety of the data that lived in Excel to be transitioned into their web app, which pulled its data automatically.


After completion of this project, the client no longer needed to rely on keeping old Excel files up to date with every minute change, as those were done in the ERP and automatically reflected in the app. Hundreds of man hours were saved over the course of just a few months of use, with some analysts and sales experts shaving off an entire week’s worth of time to be completed in just a couple hours each month.

What Our Clients Have Said

We’re thrilled to share the stories that matter most to us—those of our clients. These testimonials reflect the trust, collaboration, and success we’ve shared. We’re proud to showcase these experiences, hoping they inspire and guide you as much as they motivate us.


Our Nerdist site has seen tremendous growth over the past 2 years and many of the optimizations that Polyrific have implemented have been directly responsible for our increased site traffic and corresponding revenue.

Jason Davison

EVP of Legendary Entertainment


I am very pleased with the work they produced. The projects were delivered on time, they meet all the required criteria, and they are stable and perform within expected parameters. The communication between us was effortless and efficient. They were very responsive, and are always available for calls or in-person meetings, and were good at understanding what was needed from them.

Val Sezenov

Principal Software Engineer for CalSurance

The State Bar of California

Polyrific has been a great partner for us, and we continue to value this relationship. Their commitment to quality and the success of our initiatives has been very appreciated.

Hatem Khalek

PMO IT for The State Bar of California


Thank you! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your team! It is not easy to get a capable team of people who are as efficient and talented as your group. It also helps that you are funny and fantastic to work with! Grateful to you all!

Kristin Elam

Director of Marketing at Earthing

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