Ready to adopt AI solutions in your organization?

Ask us about our “AI Readiness Assessment (AIRA) service”

Polyrific’s AIRA service can help you understand your current position in relation to AI adoption and outline a clear, actionable roadmap to prepare you for a successful AI journey.

The primary goal of the AIRA service is to evaluate an organization’s readiness to adopt and effectively use AI technologies. This comprehensive evaluation covers 4 critical pillars:

Strategic / Executive Readiness

Cultural / User Adoption Readiness

Data & Technical Readiness

Risk & Security Readiness

As an output of this service, you will receive:

  • Detailed and customized AI Readiness Report
  • AI Roadmap Skills & Talent Development Plan
  • Data Management Strategy Risk Management and Mitigation Plan
  • Executive Presentation
  • Your choice of two, 30-minute AI Digital Workshops

Not sure where to begin?

Take a brief survey via our complimentary AI Readiness Checkup and receive a complimentary report with valuable insights and best practices to start your journey.

How does it work?

The AI Readiness Assessment service is designed to be a highly focused engagement lasting about a month.


We kick off the engagement with an intensive discovery period. The goal of the discovery period is to understand the current state of AI readiness within your organization. The stage of the process includes face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders, focus group discussions, and individual interviews with your team.


During this assessment, Polyrific’s experts will engage directly with your IT team, with the objective of comprehending your technical architecture and data infrastructure. Based on these discussions, our team will assist in creating detailed technical diagrams, which will serve as a reference point for understanding the existing IT landscape and identifying the integration points for future AI capabilities.


At the end of this assessment, you will be presented with a comprehensive AI readiness report, an executive presentation, and a clear roadmap for integrating AI within your organization. This roadmap will take into account your organization’s current state, strategic goals, and growth plans, and will propose a phased approach to AI adoption, mitigating risks and maximizing return on investment.

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