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Our talents span from solid software engineering and machine learning to devOps automation, product development, user experience, process improvement, quality assurance, design, and even hardware development.
Enterprise Application Architecture
Many enterprises want to consolidate and improve their application stack. Polyrific helps by analyzing and designing a solution that puts a unified library at the center of your enterprise. In this way all of the data and software capability of your company can be accessed and extended through a single common interface.
Platform Integration
Having multiple resources and processes requires using at least a couple of software programs such as ERPs & CRMs which then need to be integrated together to be truly impactful. We can help with that by creating "Glueware" that allows you to quickly pull all of your process and data together into a single source.
Software Product Design
Software products based on industry specific solutions are great, but few companies truly know how to develop software; there's much more to it than just writing code. We can help with upstream planning, user experience, business analysis, graphic design, branding, release schedules, engineering, infrastructure, SEO, and so forth.

Process analysis and improvement

We can analyze any process within your company and provide a report of ideas for improvment.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Apart from just writing and implementing machine learning algorithms, Polyrific provides reports that are instructive and analyze how ML can be implemented for your specific business.

Unmanned Vehicles

The unmanned vehicle industry is booming and there are myriad commercial applications. We have in-depth knowledge of the US legal environment for unmanned vehicles as the software and the hardware skills to engineer the actual vehicles. If you need a custom unmanned vehicle for a specific job, we can help.

Cloud-first strategy & migration

There are still many companies that need to migrate from on-premise data warehouses and computing centers to the Cloud. We are experts in cloud-based enterprise resources such as Microsfot Azure, Amazon, and google Google. We can help you find the right combination of resources and migration strategies to become a cloud-first enterprise.

SDLC Design & Continuous Delivery

Some companies write their own software but need help and recommendations with the Software Development Life Cycle in order to operate at peak efficiency. We can help design an optimal approach for incresed productivity based on best practices and automation.

Internet of Things

Smart devices are becoming ubiquitous and increasingly important as a means of improving productivity and gathering sensory data. We can help your team understand what opportunities exist and how to implement them.
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