The ultimate value of a platform can be
judged by how well it works with others

Enterprise Code Library

Enterprise code library

We have made a name for ourselves in creating custom enterprise applications that integrate various platforms into usable enterprise solutions, unlocking their full potential and strengths so that your enterprise gets the maximum value from every licensed platform in you arsenal.

Oracle Integration


If you are having a difficult time making full use of and extending your Oracle license into an application that is easy to use and creates clear enterprise value, then we should talk. We have experience building Oracle service layers (with or without Oracle SOA) to power apps that meet your users where they are.

Azure Integration


The list of products offered in the Azure ecosystem seems to grow by the day. It isn't just about hosting any longer; Azure offers a diverse range of services to power enterprises from application services to bots to big data to micro-services to natural language processing. We can help integrate the right Azure services into your applications in a seamless manner.

SalesForce Integration


These days it seems that every enterprise we come across is all about Salesforce and we are just fine with that as it usually means that an integration project is necessary. For all of the great things Salesforce can do, there are many critical things that it can't so you still need to integrate it with in-place ERP systems, workflows, ecommerce apps, and so forth.

SAP Integration


Are you running SAP but need it to play a bit better with other applications and platforms in your portfolio? If so, then we should talk. We can help you design and create an integration layer that removes constraints and propels your enterprise forward.

MySQL Integration


We know, we know, you inherited the enterprise stack that was built on top of MySQL. Don't get us wrong, MySQL is great but using it for intense enterprise applications isn't a plan that scales very well. We can help you mitigate or migrate. Please reach out to learn more.

PostgreSQL Integration


Like MySQL, we get a lot of requests to migrate enterprise applications that were originally written on top of PostGRE. No worries, we can do it in our sleep. We have even written tools that consume PostGRE and then deploy new applications based on the schema using a database of your choice.

Legacy Applications Integration

Legacy Applications

Wrestling with an old WinForms, VB6, AS/400, PHP, classic ASP or ASPX application? We can help you with that. We are experts at either mitigating, integrating, or migrating the legacy applications that are critical to your enterprise.

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