DevOps Automation
Dashboard Aggregation

You are in the cloud. In fact, you are all over the place in the cloud and being scattered is a drag on creativity. Are we correct? If so, we should talk. We can aggregate the management of your gazillion devops resources into a single tidy dashboard so that you can rip through projects and keep the business happy.

Cloud Based Automation

Automation is just as important as integration; in addition to our nifty devOps consolodation tricks, we can also create for you event-driven logic that will spin up cloud resource instances, monitor and react to spend and usage, delete resources, move files, keep the team up-to-date, create repositories and invite the team, merge code, and make you a sandwich (really).

Looking for an out-of-the-box devOps automation solution?

Our Catapult digital developer product might be right for you.

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