Worldwide eCommerce sales are projected to reach as high as $4 trillion dollars in 2020 so it's no wonder that so many B2C and, increasingly, B2B enterprises are embracing this sales modality.

Often, our clients have an in-place eCommerce technology that they are constrained to using such as Magento, Woocommerce, or Shopify, but they have found that, while those technologies do eCommerce well, they often are lacking in analytic capability and do not play well with their other systems.

We can help solve these and many other problems associated with eCommerce roll-outs by creating customization scripts and middleware that makes your eCommerce platform work the way you need it to work and integrate also makes it integrate seamlessly with your enterprise application and data ecosystem.

We have also successfully created bespoke eCommerce sites for some of our clients who were simply not satisfied with the pre-existing eCommerce platforms on the market.