A solid analysis of any problem requires deep subject matter expertise and, often, an outside perspective. Polyrific can provide you with both and help you paint an objective and clear picture of where things stand.

Process Audit
An outside perspective can help you determine whether your resources, activities and protocols are resulting in optimal results. We are experts in analyzing and improving processes.
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Performance Audit
Are you experiencing bottlenecks in your operations or application workflows? We can test, analyze and identify precisely where the snags are.
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SEO Audit
Need to improve your SEO metrics but don’t know where to start? We can analyze your current web presence to let you know what is working well and what isn’t.
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SDLC Audit
The software development life cycle is a complicated beast. We can analyze your current approach and make recommendations for faster delivery and keeping “the business” happy.
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Expert Witness Work
Working on a patent infringement case and need a group of engineers to compare two code bases? How about providing expert opinions on engineering, UX, and SDLC? We can help.
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