FUTEK eCommerce Site, Tier 3 Support, & Tech consulting

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of advanced load cell sensors that can be found everywhere from a factory near you to the Curiosity rover on Mars. Our relationship with FUTEK began in 2013 as a resource for overhauling sections of their aging eCommerce site and creating custom integration "glueware" to make their Oracle ERP play well with their .NET web stack. Since that time it has been our privilege to take on an increasing role in the digital success of FUTEK as a preferred vendor of custom software services.

Here are a few of the things we have done and are still doing for FUTEK:

  • Custom Integration with Oracle ERP
  • Overhaul of .NET-based legacy marketing and eCommerce platform
  • Tier 3 Support
  • DevOps design and implementation
  • Technical consulting

FUTEK is a rapidly growing brand comprised of outstanding products and even better people; we think this is why Polyrific and FUTEK work so well together! If you also have an incredible brand and outstanding team that could use an equally incredible custom software vendor, then please contact us today!