First, let's generate some keys:

OK, here are your keys:

Your private key (kept only by you):


Your public key (shared with others):


Now enter a message below and then click "Encrypt My Message"

Great, here is your encrypted message:


As you can see, it is scrambled and not readable because we ran it, along with your private key, through a mathematical process called "hashing".

Now it is time to decrypt your message using a public key as if you were the recipient of the message. Your public key is {{publicKey}}.

Enter a public key to decrypt the message. We have already placed your public key value in the box, but you can change it if you would like to see for yourself that the decryption will not work with any other key--not even your private key!

Here is the message after using the public key you provided to decrypt it:


If you used the correct public key, you will see the correct original message above.